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北大光华EMBA|Global Leaders 活动


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  2017年11月3日,阿美石油亚洲总裁兼首席执行官纳比尔?努艾姆先生出席北京大学光华-凯洛格国际EMBA主办的Global Leaders活动,通过他独特的经历和视角,结合“沙特愿景2030”和中国“一带一路”,分享了阿美石油公司在亚太地区的发展现状,解读中沙两国关系,探讨沙特的投资机会。

  Nabil A. Al Nuaim, President & CEO of Aramco Asia, attended the Global Leaders Event organized by Guanghua-Kellogg International EMBA at Peking University on Nov. 3rd, 2017. Tapping on his unique experience and insight land everaging the China’s Belt & Road Initiative and Saudi Vision 2030, he elaborated on the status quo of Aramco’s development in Asia-Pacific Region, delved into Saudi-China relationship as well as cited investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

  作为整场活动的主持人,北京大学光华管理学院院长助理 ,光华-凯洛格国际EMBA项目主任翟昕教授首先发言。翟教授为在座的嘉宾介绍了沙特王国的地理、政治、经济,阿美石油公司的业务概况,以及中沙两国之间的友好贸易往来,同时代表学院向远道而来的纳比尔先生表示了欢迎。

  Professor Amy Zhai, Assistant Dean of Guanghua School of Management and Director of Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA Program, hosted the activity. She started by giving an overview of Saudi Arabia's geographic location, its politics and economic background as well as the business profile of Aramco. She also talked about friendly trade exchanges between China and Saudi Arabia and then extended warm welcome to Nabil who came from afar.




  Nabil’s keynote speech was themed with “Connectivity”. He pointed out that both the Saudi Vision 2030 and China’s Belt & Road Initiative were aimed at connecting with their respective neighbors and beyond. On the one hand, such initiatives would enhance exchanges in politics, logistics, market, infrastructure, natural resources, capital, industry and culture; on the other, they also signify people-to-people connectivity.

  Nabil cited an old saying from Arab that “one is willing to tread over mountains and seas to acquire knowledge, even if such knowledge comes from China”, which proved how distant the two countries used to be, so that bilateral communication and exchanges were greatly held back. However, countries along “Belt and Road” today ushered in unprecedented transport connectivity that enabled Arabian people to have a full picture of China. With enhanced cooperation and dialogue, China and Saudi Arabia would have deepened mutual understanding and unleash great synergies.

  He also mentioned that Aramco is not only an oil producer but also organized some CSR programs such as the one that selected good students to study in China to prepare for their career in China-Saudi businesses in the future. “So we are not only investing money but also in people. Graduates of such joint training programs will become leaders of future business engagements between the two countries and bridge many gaps in bilateral communication.”


  After the speech, Nabil had an intensive Q&A session with the audience who posed questions from their respective fields on how to address the existing barriers of bilateral cooperation, hotspot investment areas in China-Saudi trade as well as the prospects of renewable energy of Saudi Arabia. Nabil replied that bilateral cooperation would enjoy great prospects and many cultural barriers were being removed. “I’m very lucky. As the president of Aramco Asia, I come at the right time. I have fallen in love with China and begin to understand Chinese people’s mindset and learn to convey the right message.”


  Last, Nabil stated that China’s rise story is widely acknowledged as a “peaceful rise” success story in that it never resorts to political alliance nor war plunges, but always seeks to help other countries and achieve mutual growth. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and Aramco Asia attached even greater importance to China and hoped to learn from China on how to transform as well as to better understand how China will lead the future world. “It’s highly relevant for countries along Belt and Road as well as for China itself that many Chinese people come to help West Asia. Going forward, China will play an even greater role on the global stage!”


  His Majesty King Salman of Saudi Arabia made a special trip to Peking University on March 17th 2017 during a state visit to China to attend the inauguration ceremony of King Abdul Aziz Library—Peking University Branch. Meanwhile, he also accepted an honorary doctorate degree from Peking University. His Majesty said that Peking University was tasked with becoming the center of Chinese cultural dissemination and he hoped that the branch library would witness bilateral cultural exchanges and open up a broader picture for two-way cooperation.

  2017年3月7日  阿卜杜勒·阿齐兹国王公共图书馆北京大学分馆


  Global Leaders是由光华-凯洛格国际EMBA项目发起,邀请具有全球视野的企业家精英,分别从自身多年深耕的领域,涵盖经济、金融、实业、医疗、传媒、互联网、公益等不同行业,解读行业痛点,深度探讨行业趋势与动向。

  "Global Leaders" is launched by Guanghua-Kellogg Executive MBA. Within a global perspective, entrepreneurs from the area of economy, finance, industry, health care, media, internet and NGOs will share with us the pressing concerns of the industry, and explore the trends and dynamics.

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